SSNC Dissolution

Dear Suiseki Friends, we regret to inform you that we have made the decision to dissolve the SSNC.  This decision was made necessary by the lack of enough volunteers to carry out the duties required to maintain the club as an organized group.  The last club activity will be the 30th Annual Member’s New Year Party in January, 2023.

You can however continue to learn about suiseki, and find others who share your interest, through the websites and Facebook pages listed below.

Phat Vo’s Suiseki Blog:

Sam and KJ’s Suiseki Blog:

Suiseki Art by Janet Roth and Mas Nakajima:

There are two English-language Facebook Groups devoted to Viewing Stones and Suiseki: “Suiseki & Viewing Stones” and “Viewing Stone Appreciation

Note that Janet plans to add a calendar to her site noting any suiseki events around the world that she is aware of.

Lastly, the California Aiseki Kai in Los Angeles has resumed its in-person monthly meetings with some Zoom participation.  The club’s monthly (emailed) newsletter is always educational and informative.  You can find information about the club, and many years of newsletters on their website: We hope that you will use these resources and that we will see you at exhibitions and perhaps “on the river”.


2 thoughts on “SSNC Dissolution”

  1. Hi Janet, That is unfortunate. Thank you for mentioning us… I have a similar concern… I wonder who will step in for me at some point. Nina



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