About the SSNC

About Us

Note that the SSNC will be formally dissolved after the Member’s New Year Party in 2023 and is no longer accepting new members.

The Suiseki Societies of Northern California (SSNC) was formed in 2020 by the union of San Francisco Suiseki Kai and California Suiseki Society.  Our mission is to advance education in the art of Suiseki (Viewing Stones), its aesthetics and relationship to Japanese-American cultural history in California, and natural geological history through meetings, exhibitions, collecting trips and classes.

The word Suiseki is the name for the Japanese form of the Asian art of natural stone appreciation. Suiseki are natural sculptures carved by the forces of water and wind which evoke images of natural scenes such as mountains, lakes, or human and animal figures. When we keep suiseki in our homes, we bring nature close to our being. Contemplation of the stones helps relax our minds and relieves the stress of daily life.

Suiseki stones are displayed as they are found in nature. They should not be modified, although in some cases the artist may make a single cut to free the desired image from a larger piece of material; the purpose is to enhance the proportions and balance of the stone. They are usually displayed either on carved wooden bases (daiza) or in shallow ceramic or metal trays (suiban).

The display and appreciation of natural stones was introduced to Japan from China perhaps as early as the 7th century A.D. and was gradually adapted to Japanese taste and culture. Suiseki, along with other types of viewing stones, are now admired and collected around the world.

Weathered, dark-colored stones of medium hardness are preferred, with no jagged “new” edges. Here in California, fine quality stones suitable for suiseki are found in several rivers and lakes as well as in some desert areas. Most of these collecting locations are in Northern California and are easily accessible from the Bay Area.

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