SSNC Membership

SSNC conducts virtual “Zoom” meetings on weekday evenings, and in-person gatherings on weekends in the Bay Area. In addition we organize group stone collecting trips on weekends in Northern California.

The virtual meetings are open to anyone who is interested. All dues-paying Members can participate in our in-person events. Dues are $25 per person or $30 for a household.

To become a member – please use these links to download and fill out the SSNC Membership Form and SSNC Blank Liability Waiver. The forms can be returned by email or postal mail. Payment can be sent either by Paypal or by mailing a check.

The application and waiver can be returned by either email or postal mail, and the payment can be sent by Paypal or by check. .

For more information please Email us at

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